Lilima Montessori High School

Working together for a better future

Lilima Montessori High opened in January 2017 with a group of 21 students. The school was started to address the need for more high quality high school education. The vision of the Lilima Montessori School is a peaceful world which is attained through our children, where all forms of life are respected creating an inter-dependant global community.

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First Term Newsletter


There are currently a limited number of places available for the 2017 school year. If you are interested in a place for your child at the school for 2018 we will be conducting interviews in April and August for the intake of 25 students who will begin Term 1 in January 2018.


“Montessori is an attitude, not simply a teaching system, not just a technique. One must have a great love for and understanding of each individual child. Montessori is a spiritual attitude towards mankind, and mankind begins with childhood. — Maria Montessori
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